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Pit Blocks 3D

Play a cube-matching arcade style puzzle game that is not Tetris! · By SRM Games


Recent updates

Pit Blocks 3D - Features and price adjustment
We are announcing a steep price drop of Pit Blocks 3D for the foreseeable future. Due to the current world crisis and emergencies, we believe in a more affordab...
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Pit Blocks 3D is OUT NOW!
Hi everyone, the Thunder is now in full rumble! Pit Blocks 3D has finally been released and we are oh, so proud, of this moment! We poured as much as love (and...
Launch is tomorrow! Less than 1 day left!
Hi everyone, the Thunder is rumbling as we are readying our cubes, blocks, and bricks to release Pit Blocks 3D in less than 24 hours!! How unbelievably exciting...
Four weeks to launch!
Hi everyone, the Thunder is back with an expected announcement! That's right, 4 weeks to go, and PB3D will be available for download! I find that very exciting!...
Adding GamePad Support
I will be keeping this post short! This is an important update, however, so I feel I have to share it! I have started working on adding GamePad support for Pit...

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