Pit Blocks 3D - Features and price adjustment

We are announcing a steep price drop of Pit Blocks 3D for the foreseeable future. Due to the current world crisis and emergencies, we believe in a more affordable entertainment for everyone who choose to stay at home during these times.

  1. Alternate game style - available in the Options Menu
    • Top-down
      • Camera has a static (unable to be moved) position and will stare down the pit
      • Each playable block is wireframe
      • Each dropped brick is solid coloured
  2. New Options
    • No story text
      • Avoid scrolling text, message text, and button-clicking so that you can jump right into the game
      • Can still unlock story cards
    • Same-coloured bricks
      • Can help players memorize bricks by colour
    • Static row colours
      • Each pit level has its own colour
      • Each dropped brick converts to the colour of the level it is dropped in
  3. Missing space/spot identifier
    • A clear missing space/spot identifier will be implemented in order to help the player complete a row level
      • Useful if the player missed a spot and they cannot find it in order to fill the row and lower the level
      • All dropped blocks become wireframe and all "missing" spots become solid
  4. Increased difficulty
    • Option to disable pausing (this would result in a greater score)
      • Remains applicable for the entire duration of current gameplay
  5. Mode changes
    • Free mode
      • The free mode is now available
      • Bricks no longer descend based on time
      • Bricks descend when the user tells them to using the "rush" key
    • Race mode
      • This mode has been renamed from "Freestyle" mode to "Race" mode so as to not be confused with the new "Free" mode


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Mar 23, 2020

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