Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom - Road Map

With the Launch Week done, we are looking for your help to expand Shooting Blaster.

We are counting on you to help us make this game and community grow, and as a means to do so, we want to share Shooting Blaster's road map with you. Please see the list below for our planned features.

Let us know by replying to this thread what you'd like to see added, modified, or just simply removed from the list below.

Game Updates - Main Features:


  1. Mechanics
    • Improvements
      • Difficulty balance: Regulate enemy spawn and enemy weapon spawn
      • Difficulty balance: Player ship invicible for 3s once taking a hit (damage) to hull, but not shields
      • Difficulty balance: For easier difficulty, the player will have infinite amount of Standard Gun ammo
      • Difficulty balance: For easier difficulty, the player ship will automatically recharge 1 shield point 5s after losing any shields (power-ups can still be acquired that give shields back during this time)
    • Abilities
      • Ability: Option to choose whether to pick up a weapon power-up
  2. Options:
    • Swarm option: this will regulate the frequency enemy ships would appear - enable it to have more enemy ships on screen, thereby making the game more difficult and earning a higher score
    • When autofire is enabled, can hold down the fire button to temporarily stop autofire
  3. Effects:
    • Shields: ships will have a visible shield around them if they have a shield
    • Immunity: when ships have immunity, an effect will be enabled to help the player visualise that
    • Travel field: the player approaches Earth, so a travel field option will be implemented to demonstrate it


  1. Mechanics
    • Abilities
      • Ability: ESDF (Electro Shock Defense System) - will destroy all enemy missiles on screen by shocking them once activated
      • Ability: Nuke - drop it to cleanse the gaming screen of aliens and their weapons (power-ups will not be affected)
    • Mini-bosses
      • Massive Enemy Ships will try to impede your progress - destroy them to proceed


  1. Mechanics
    • Bosses
      • "Main" enemy boss encounters


  1. TBD

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